Extremely low-quality mobile image of my partner and I at a family bbq. (Only temporary as it's the only photo of me and smiling and holding a camera away from my face.)

D.S.P Creative is the photography business of Douglas Stewart, his main focuses are on commercial, equine & animal photography.


Douglas grew up in the suburbs of Sydney but was relocated to Victoria for work which took him all around the state but eventually landed him in rural parts of the state in which he curated, consulted and ran art galleries and other creative businesses. He is now back in his home state in a landscape he absolutely adores. 

Douglas has worked within the technology and art industry for over 10 years with his speciality being art curation and business consulting with the use of technology. Douglas has achieved recognition for reshaping galleries and businesses with his particular eye and style, he has transited this into his photography. 

A strong passion for being on the land, his love of country life developed and honed his skills in equine and animal photography with a large focus on photographing the properties around him. 

Not only does Douglas practice photography but he is also quite an accomplished artist and sculptor in his own right, he has exhibited nationally and has pieces held in multiple collections around the world. 

D.S.P is based in a beautiful fully equipped studio in Mittagong, Southern Highlands but also has a portable studio for onsite projects. 

Douglas also offers IT and technology consulting in the Southern Area surrounds. Get in touch with Douglas to see if he can help you.